The Downtown of Tomorrow
Delve into the new heart of Riyadh

Planning Principles

Explore how New Murabba's public realm is designed to be a 15-minute downtown through an activated, enhanced, shaded and comfortable experience

Life at New Murabba
New Murabba will offer a 5-minute neighborhoods, a 15-minute downtown, innovative parks, urban plazas, a world-class lifestyle, cutting-edge infrastructure, top transport, entertainment, active living, and vibrant dining and retail options, while redefining Riyadh’s skyline and living standards.
Experience a 15-minute city

Experience a 15-minute downtown

Utilise cutting-edge infrastructure

Utilize cutting-edge infrastructure

Enjoy a sustainable approach to living

Enjoy a sustainable approach to living

Partner With Us
Join us at New Murabba, where partnerships transcend expectations. Ideal for commercial and development partners in hotel, retail, education, and leisure sectors, along with investors, embrace a future where business, sustainability, and entertainment converge. It is your opportunity to be part of a global, vibrant community.
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