The Mukaab

Redefining Riyadh’s skyline

About the Mukaab

At New Murabba's heart, The Mukaab, an icon of innovation, invites you to explore Riyadh like never before. This landmark merges imagination, technology, and design, offering unique experiences alongside 11 other attractions, each enhancing The Mukaab’s allure.

Spanning 2 million sq. m of floor space, The Mukaab redefines luxury with its immersive shopping, dining, and cultural offerings. It's a hub of connectivity, accessible via major roads, embodying innovation. Here, the New Murabba Public Art program transforms the space into an immersive, technologically advanced destination, blending the virtual with the real for a unique experience. 

Discover the Mukaab

Discover this technological marvel and cultural icon, offering immersive experiences in the heart of Riyadh's new skyline. Embark on an unparalleled experiential journey within Riyadh.
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Key Facts

One of the world’s healthiest cities

More than 2 million sq. m of floor space

More than 10 key attractions

Inspired by Najdi style

Integrated immersive experience and technology

The tallest building in Riyadh

The Mukaab of 400m X 400m X 400m