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Press Release | 8 February 2024

New Murabba Development Company showcases its vision for Riyadh’s urban development at PIF Private Sector Forum

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – February 08, 2024 – New Murabba Development Company (NMDC) showcased its world-leading vision for urban development in the recent Public Investment Fund (PIF) Private Sector Forum, held on February 6-7, 2024, at the King Abdulaziz Conference Centre in Riyadh. NMDC’s participation highlights its ambition to forge strong partnerships with key stakeholders, both existing and new. 

Michael Dyke, NMDC’s Chief Executive Officer, led the attending delegation, actively engaging with stakeholders, including potential investors, and future partners. The forum presented a unique opportunity for New Murabba to demonstrate how it will become the world’s most transformative and modern city centre, serving as a model for future urban development, and contributing towards the city’s evolution in line with Saudi Vision 2030.


New Murabba's multi-faceted presence at the Forum included an interactive exhibition booth with visual highlights of its ambitious plans for urban planning and development, with Executive Director, Delivery, Eng. Salman Alhubeis, sharing his views on the project's execution during a panel discussion. 


Michael Dyke, Chief Executive Officer of NMDC, said: “The vision behind New Murabba is to create a transformative, vibrant, and sustainable downtown that will set new standards for urban development, and contribute to the city’s future development in line with Saudi Vision 2030. Through New Murabba, NMDC will lead the charge of urban planning & development, towards a technologically-advanced and sustainability-conscious future. New Murabba will act as a key enabler of Vision 2030, while delivering an immersive experience for those who wish to live, partner, visit or work there.”


Dyke also emphasized NMDC’s commitment to enabling Saudi Arabia's economic diversification. New Murabba will be a blueprint for future urban development, delivering innovation, environmental responsibility, and economic growth for the Kingdom.

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