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Press Release | 23 May 2024


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – 23 May 2024 - The New Murabba Development Company – A PIF Company - has announced that it is inviting the top design firms across Saudi Arabia, the region, and the world, to be part of the next exciting chapter of the groundbreaking Mukaab. 

New Murabba Development Company is spearheading urban development in the Kingdom and helping to shape the future of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 by diversifying the economy and creating a vibrant urban environment. This marks a unique opportunity for leading-edge design and engineering firms to contribute to an exciting, first-of-its-kind undertaking that will redefine architecture, sustainability, and technological advancements. 

This also marks a significant step forward in the transformation of the iconic Mukaab: a visionary landmark that is set to illuminate Riyadh’s skyline and serve as the centerpiece of New Murabba’s transformative downtown. 

New Murabba Development Company has already reached several key milestones on its journey towards bringing the development into reality. Crucially, the company has already made major advancements in the initial stages, including the completion of the concept design by Q3 2024, the excavation of nearly 5 million cubic meters of material, and the award for permanent piling to commence in Q2 2024. 

New Murabba Development Company is now ready to partner with industry-leading firms offering multidisciplinary and specialized post-concept design services, as well as renowned entities specialized in independent design review and the provision of quality engineering services. In addition, New Murabba Development Company also seeks to partner with firms that deliver construction stage supervision services. 

This opens the door for exciting collaborative opportunities for innovative and visionary firms that are looking to help shape the future urban landscape of Riyadh. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the New Murabba Development Company website and register through the Vendor Registration page

Together with New Murabba Development Company, firms will be given the opportunity to build a lasting legacy and play a leading role in Saudi Arabia's future, all while contributing towards the development of a truly world-class destination that embodies the aspirations of Vision 2030. 

New Murabba Development Company looks forward to working with its partners to discover cutting-edge approaches and solutions that will bring the Mukaab to life and create a thriving and sustainable icon - for the city of Riyadh and the world. Once completed, the Mukaab will be one of the largest built structures in the world (measuring 400 meters in height, width, and length). 

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