Riyadh’s new modern downtown

The New Face 
of Riyadh

New Murabba is a gateway to another world. It is a new modern downtown overlooking an icon. Here, a human-first downtown where access to greenery and amenities is within 15 minutes, innovative technology and sustainability seamlessly blend with a profound respect for nature and authenticity. This downtown reflects our culture, identity, and ambition, establishing itself as a pivotal center for Riyadh, the Kingdom, and the world, a vision uniquely imagined, originated, and brought to life by our people. At the heart of New Murabba is The Mukaab,  redefining Riyadh’s skyline, this is the new face of Riyadh. 


Discover New Murabba, a haven for visitors, professionals, partners, and residents, blending cutting-edge innovation with rich culture.
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60+ of dedicated habitat areas to support biodiversity

25% of net site area covered by open spaces

24,950 ppl per sqkm of population density

19 million sqm of land area

Over 100,000 residential units